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Midland Housekeeping Inc. was founded back in 2017 by Founder & CEO, Julie Windham. A mom of 4 kids, she was driven to create a company that helped the community around her, while retaining her rooted family values. With both a Business Degree and Nursing Degree on her belt, Julie envisioned her role in the company she has built today. Her husband, Patrick Windham, is a Safety Consultant, practicing in the State of Texas. His specialty is in the oil fields, suiting to the Safety Procedures and Protocols of the various companies. He plays a role in the company by ensuring the safety and well-being of the staff, clients, and the local community. 

Julie and her team are from the local Midland area, and they focus strongly on the values of family and a healthy environment. As a group of moms, they truly value the importance of a clean family home, or business, and they want to provide that feeling to their neighbors. A home with a clean atmosphere leads to a happy and healthy family.